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Hair Stylist vs. Platform Stylist

Platform Artistry
presented by Key Glover

On March 19, 2018, Key Glover led an ANHC Pro Midday Conversation about platform artistry.  Key Glover is an internationally recognized platform artist, educator and consultant. She has worked with many major brands including Mielle Organics, Basic Hair Care Systems, Curls Unleashed, and more.  Through her experience she has learned the differnce between being a hair stylist and being a platform stylist.  

The requirements of being a platform stylists include hair expertise, communication, and performance.  Outside of experience, knowledge, and getting along with others (the minimum) brands are drawn to stylists who have the following habits and attributes.

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On-Demand Beauty

Today's On-Demand Beauty Apps
by Elaine Truesdale

How are on-demand apps like BeautyLynk, Tressenoire, and Colour effecting the hair care industry? On-demand beauty apps are a fast growing part of the beauty industry. These apps allow customers to book appointments for professional services to be done when and where they choose at a set rate. Rates range from just below salon rates to well above. So how does that effect the professional hair stylist?

The Opportunity

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What does your future hold?

What does your future hold?
Moving from behind the chair means different things to different people.

On August 1, 2017, This Ugly Beauty Business posted "Quit Pressuring Professionals to be Salon Owners" by Tina.  

The article explores the idea that Salon Ownership is not the ultimate pinnacle of success for hair stylists.  "How about the professionals who ascend to notorious positions in the industry as platform artists or educators?"  This is a belief that we here at ANHC Pro have held for a long time.  We do believe that a hair stylist should seek ways to move from behind the chair because of the physical demands associated with working on clients 3+ days a week.  However, there are many options including the ones listed below.

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Expanding Into Selling Your Own Products

Expanding Into Selling Your Own Products
by ANHC Pro Founder, Elaine Truesdale

There are several viable ways hair stylists seek to expand their offerings beyond styling hair behind the chair.  One of those is launching their own hair product line.  This is a good direction for hair stylists because stylists already have a customer base which trust their opinion on hair care.  However, there are several barriers to cross before a person can successfully enter the market place with a new product.  Those barriers include marketing, production, distribution, and sales.  Today we are going to talk about marketing, the last thing most people think about but the first thing you need to consider.

Before you can begin mass selling your product, whether your develop it yourself or select a pre-formulated private label product, you will need to do research and build a customer base.  Having loyal customers and advocates in place will make it easier for your to obtain investors, find manufacturers, and get you product into popular retail outlets.  Lets look at building your customer base from the bottom up.  

Who are the easiest customers for you to obtain?  Hopefully, friends and family.  In addition to providing you with honest feedback, your friends and family should become your first loyal PAYING customers.  When we say PAYING we are not saying that you can not offer a "friends and family" discount, but if your friends and family are not willing to pay something for your product they cannot be true advocates for your product.  Of course as you are developing your product or testing private label options you should charge little to to nothing for your products.  

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