3 Steps to Triple Your Sales

3 Steps to Triple Your Sales in 2018
presented by Tieron Spear

On January 8, 2018, Business Expert Tieron Spear, led an ANHC Pro Midday Conversation about tripling your sales through research and advertising.

Tieron Spear covered three steps to increasing your sales numbers.

  1. Define Your Brand: Decide what problem your brand is solving.
  2. Spy Time: Research the competition to see not only how you stack up but to learn about what they are doing right and wrong
  3. One Dollar Launch: Invest in advertising. Test the results, make adjustments, run new advertising. Then repeat.

Tieron provided real life examples and explained how to execute each step including books to read; where to invest your money; and how to best use advertising platforms like Facebook.  His presentation was so thorough and packed full of information that it was extended to a second day. The complete webinar can be found in our webinar library.  You will want to listen to this hour plus of information again and again.

checkout the complete webinar

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