Hair Stylist vs. Platform Stylist

Platform Artistry
presented by Key Glover

On March 19, 2018, Key Glover led an ANHC Pro Midday Conversation about platform artistry.  Key Glover is an internationally recognized platform artist, educator and consultant. She has worked with many major brands including Mielle Organics, Basic Hair Care Systems, Curls Unleashed, and more.  Through her experience she has learned the differnce between being a hair stylist and being a platform stylist.  

The requirements of being a platform stylists include hair expertise, communication, and performance.  Outside of experience, knowledge, and getting along with others (the minimum) brands are drawn to stylists who have the following habits and attributes.

  • Being apologetically honest about your experience, skill and knowledge.  If you are an international talent claim it.  Do not be afraid to own your greatness.  Also, if you do not know how do do something do not pretend.  Ask and learn so that you can confidently add it you your credits.
  • Embracing innovation and creativity.  Do not let the industry pass you.  Continue to develop skills and make them your own.
  • Connecting with people on a human level.  Make your team members, colleagues, clients, and audience feel comfortable and glad to be around you.
  • Flexibility. Platform work is live and in person.  You have little control over what will be thrown your way. A team member may not show up or you may not have the ideal tools for what you need to do.  Being flexible and able to go with the flow will make you invaluable.

Those are just a few of the things you need to know as you enter the world of platform artistry.  Key discussed these and many other things that you need to consider, like travel, pay rates, and personal costs.

Key Glover's complete webinar, Hair Stylist vs. Platform Artist, is available in ANHC Pro's Member Center's webinar library.

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