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Association of Natural Hair Care Professionals (ANHC PRO) is a membership-based organization that creates opportunities for haircare industry professionals and companies to grow their businesses.

ANHC PRO helps professionals and companies grow their businesses by providing them with education and opportunities to increase their profit, grow their business, and get more clients. ANHC PRO provides access to business and haircare industry experts with its team of special advisors, webinars, and member-only chats. ANHC PRO

also provides discounts for business-enhancing tools and services. ANHC PRO members benefit from a network of like-minded professionals.


ANHC PRO consults and provides professional resources and services to haircare brands. ANHC PRO professional services help haircare brands grow their businesses by developing and managing systems that reduce staffing headaches, increase revenue, and grow clientele. We help haircare brands with launching new products and services and implementing time-saving operational procedures. 

ANHC PRO is arguably the largest organization dedicated to the success of haircare industry professionals who are focused on serving the needs of people with naturally curly or tightly coiled hair.

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