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Enter to Win a Brand Photo Shoot

The Association of Natural Hair Care Professionals (ANHC PRO) is proud to announce a landmark partnership with Black Women Photographers (BWP), a pioneering platform dedicated to celebrating and promoting Black women photographers. This collaboration signifies a significant step forward in ANHC PRO's commitment to empowering natural hair product companies, salons, and hairstylists while championing diversity and creativity within the beauty industry.

In an effort to empower individuals seeking opportunities within the beauty industry, ANHC PRO is conducting a drawing as part of their career center's resume promotion campaign. Every job seeker who lists their resume in ANHC PRO's Career Center will automatically be entered into this drawing. The grand prize? A coveted Brand Photoshoot with a talented photographer from Black Women Photographers.

This sponsorship is the first step in BWP joining forces with ANHC PRO to enhance the organization's mission and provide invaluable support to its members. ANHC PRO is dedicated to empowering professionals in the beauty industry by offering networking events, professional consulting, and connections to industry opportunities.

The partnership with BWP will bring a fresh wave of creativity and diversity to ANHC PRO's community, offering members a host of new benefits:

1. Enriched Networking Opportunities: BWP's support will enable ANHC PRO to host more dynamic networking events, creating a space for professionals to connect, share knowledge, and foster collaborations within the beauty industry.

2. Celebrating Artistic Diversity: BWP's involvement will celebrate the unique perspectives and talents of Black women photographers, inspiring creativity within ANHC PRO's community.

3. Strengthening the Beauty Community: The partnership will create a dynamic community where artists, professionals, and beauty industry leaders can come together to celebrate diversity and creativity.

"We are excited to partner with BWP to further empower beauty industry professionals," says Elaine Truesdale, ANHC PRO Founder & CEO. "Our partnership is a reflection of our commitment to promoting Black creatives, something that resonates deeply with both our organizations."

ANHC PRO's mission is to provide its members with the tools and resources they need to thrive in the competitive beauty industry. The partnership with BWP is a testament to both organizations' commitment to promoting diversity, creativity, and empowerment.

"We are thrilled to welcome Black Women Photographers as a sponsor," adds Truesdale. "This collaboration enhances our ability to support and empower beauty industry professionals while celebrating the incredible work of Black women photographers."

BWP has consistently championed the work of Black creatives, providing a platform for them to share their unique perspectives and talents. This sponsorship represents an extension of their mission, bridging the worlds of photography and beauty.

The partnership between ANHC PRO and BWP is expected to drive innovative initiatives within the beauty industry, fostering connections and inspiring creativity among professionals and artists alike.

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