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Three Essential Things to Tell Your Salon Clients Guaranteed to Increase Your Sales

Updated: May 16

by: Elaine Truesdale of Truesdale and Associates, LLC


There are three things every client should be hearing at every salon visit. By implementing these three directives, salons can ensure consistent client communication, enhance service quality, and drive revenue growth.

  1. Guidance on Home Haircare: Educating clients about proper haircare techniques and recommending the right products is crucial for maintaining style longevity and ensuring the health of their hair. During each appointment, stylists should assess the client's hair type, texture, and specific needs. Based on this assessment, personalized recommendations should be provided on the products the client should use at home to preserve their hair's health and style. Furthermore, offering a curated selection of professional-grade haircare products for purchase in the salon not only empowers clients to invest in their hair's health but also creates an additional revenue stream for the business.

  2. Proactive Scheduling of Next Visit: Consistency is key in maintaining a fresh hairstyle. Salons should advise clients on the ideal timeframe for their next appointment before they leave. By proactively scheduling their next visit, guesswork is eliminated, ensuring clients return at the optimal time to maintain their hair's best look. Encouraging regular appointments benefits both clients and the salon. It helps clients stay on top of their haircare routine while contributing to a steady flow of business for the salon. Securing future appointments minimizes downtime and maximizes the salon's earning potential.

  3. Recommendation of Additional Services: When clients schedule their next appointment, it's an opportunity to recommend additional services that may benefit them. Whether it's a touch-up for their roots, a deep conditioning treatment, or a refreshing haircut, expert guidance on services tailored to their needs enhances the client experience and increases the average transaction value for each appointment.

By incorporating these essential directives into their operations, salons can elevate service quality, drive revenue growth, and increase profitability. Truesdale and Associates, LLC, is committed to partnering with salon owners every step of the way to implement these strategies effectively and achieve lasting success in today's competitive beauty industry.


Contact Truesdale and Associates, LLC about partnering with them to implement salon strategies effectively and achieve lasting success in today's competitive beauty industry.

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