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How to Instantly Power Up Your Product Descriptions

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

by Copywriter, Sarah Wright of Naturally Better Copy

The back of the bottle does more than list the ingredients inside! This dedicated space is as important as any advertisement you push out. Let’s shape your approach to creating product descriptions so you can maximize your results.

When searching for your next good read, the book's cover design and title draw you in to investigate what's inside. The brief description on the back cover hooks you in and either confirms this book won’t be a waste of time, or that you should keep searching for something else.

Similar to a book, a product description motivates shoppers to take action. It’s a critical tool that puts your product into digital carts or triggers shoppers to keep looking elsewhere. It's the motivating factor after getting your product noticed.

Once you’ve intrigued your customer to take a closer look with your catchy name and slick packaging design, you still have to convince them to buy! The realization a shopper definitely needs to try a new product happens largely after reading the description. It’s the power words and phrases that make shoppers question the products they’re using now, and trigger a response of, “I gotta try this.”

Let’s not forget their online counterparts. Descriptions on product pages also act as evergreen marketing that reaches your ideal customers in every corner of the internet. A strategically crafted and benefits-rich description will have search engines placing you at the top of results pages.

But how do you achieve this? There is truly one major idea to keep in mind when writing ANY marketing material...

Talk to Your People

This is the umbrella idea for which all marketing efforts fall under. And it may seem like an obvious point, but it's a skill that requires thought and more effort than simply writing down all the features and ingredients of your hair products.

Know Who They Are

When you understand where your ideal customer is coming from, you can speak directly to their pain points. Speaking to everybody doesn’t mean a bigger reach. It means watered down, unmotivating copy.

Getting a peek into your customers’ lives requires research but it will bring higher returns. I suggest taking a look at review threads on competing products. Customer reviews can be short and sweet, but some people tell the whole story from beginning to end.

You can learn about your ideal customer’s gender, age, job, hobbies, and pain points. All of this info will help shape your product descriptions so that it makes sense and resonates with your ideal customer.

Speak Plainly

Now that you know who you’re talking to, focus on how you’re talking to them. When writing for any advertisement, always keep your ideal customer in mind, and imagine having a conversation with them. How do you convince them to use your product?

Focus on the tone (NOTE: You want to be positive) and the language that would allow your customer to easily relate. Write as if you’re speaking directly to them. After writing up a draft of your product description, read it aloud, and have someone else read it. If it doesn’t read smooth, rework the bumpy areas.

Including benefits will shape your writing so your customer can see what’s in it for them. People don’t want to waste their time or money. Describe how their life will be transformed after using your product.

Be Strategic

I mention this last because if you’re doing the first two suggestions, then the necessary strategy should come naturally. Being strategic includes knowing the buzzwords (keywords) your customers are looking for and adding them to the description. Don’t force it. Let it be natural. Not only will it be obvious, but search engines will penalize you with lower search ratings. Always write for your customer and not search engines.

Do you have a product description you’d like reviewed? Get a FREE consultation here.

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