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ANHC PRO's First Beauty Industry Roundtable: A Recap

We're thrilled to share the highlights of our inaugural Beauty Industry Roundtable, an event that marks the beginning of an exciting series aimed at industry professionals like you. ANHC PRO is committed to providing our members with valuable insights, networking opportunities, and resources to help them thrive in the beauty industry.

Kicking off the event, ANHC PRO Founder Elaine Truesdale welcomed everyone and set the stage for an engaging discussion. These roundtables are a vital part of our mission to enhance membership experiences by facilitating collaboration and knowledge-sharing among industry peers.

Our lineup of featured speakers brought a wealth of expertise to the table:

Dior Metcalf, Sentinel Media Executive Producer

Dior introduced Sentinel Media's innovative "Brand Your YouTube" package, designed to elevate the online presence and branding of beauty professionals through tailored YouTube content.

Miki Wright, Salon Growth Strategist

Miki shared invaluable strategies for salon growth, drawing from her extensive experience in the industry. Her insights provided actionable steps for attendees to expand their salon businesses effectively.

Robin Groover, MYAVANA Head of Research

Robin showcased MYAVANA's AI technology, demonstrating its potential to streamline salon operations and enhance client experiences through personalized services.

Eddy Spencer Monster Brand Co-Founder

Eddy introduced Monster Brand's innovative Build-A-Brand program, offering customizable solutions for beauty professionals looking to establish their brands with ease.

Shaniqua Garcia, Pearl Salon Suites Founder

Shaniqua provided insights into the franchising opportunities offered by Pearl Salon Suites, offering guidance on budgeting, lease negotiations, and projected returns on investment for aspiring salon owners.

The roundtable was filled with vibrant discussions as attendees shared their experiences and insights on various industry topics. The collaborative environment fostered networking opportunities and encouraged participants to explore new ideas and strategies for success.

We're excited to announce that our Beauty Industry Roundtable sessions will continue monthly, taking place on the first Monday of each month. Open to all beauty industry professionals, these sessions offer a valuable platform to stay informed, connected, and inspired.

Join us at ANHC PRO as we shape the beauty industry's future together. Together, let's empower beauty professionals to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

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