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Turning Your Salon Services Into Educational Videos

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

taught by TV and Digital Video Producer, Dior Metcalf of Sentinel Media

On Tuesday, February 26, 2019 Sentinel Media TV and Digital Video Producer, Dior Metcalf, explained what is required to produce quality educational videos, especially for the hair care industry. Hair stylists and salons can use educational videos for in salon training or online classes. Professional looking videos are a great way for hair stylists and salons can generate passive income.

In addition to the video camera and videographer there are five basic elements hair stylists and salons need to produce educational videos.

  1. Specialty or Technique - You need to have a specialty or technique that you or your team has mastered to the point of getting the same results with the same process every time.

  2. Storyline - From what point will the video start? What is the focus of the video and what skill or knowledge will the video provide to the viewers?

  3. Filming Location - Where will the video be filmed? What are the limitations of the filming locations (ie. noises, closing time, lighting etc.)

  4. Video Elements - You will need to decide what video elements to include to best relay what you are teaching. Video elements can include graphics like your logo, pictures for things like before and after looks, voice over, b-roll, and more.

  5. On-air Talent - On-air talent are all of the people that will be in front of the camera (ie. hair stylists and models)

CLICK HERE to view the full webinar. Learn more about video production, especially for instructional hair styling and maintenance videos. In the webinar Dior Metcalf also shared a variety of online platforms that can be used to collect payments for access to your videos.

Sentinel Media has produced digital video content for hair care industry organizations such as McBride Laboratories, ANHC Pro, and Stylist Excel as well as for independent salon owners. Outside of the industry Sentinel Media's team produces video for major TV networks such as NBC, CNN, BET, Discovery Channel, Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB), Comcast and many more.

If you are interested in getting help creating videos for your brand Sentinel Media has a variety video production services designed especially for the hair care industry. Contact them at or 678-661-1003.

ANHC Professional members receive a discount of the larger of $250 or 20%. ANHC Executive members receive a discount of 30%.

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